Level 1,  Level 2  &  Level 3  +  SP_Modules

Training fees: 200euro  (PP30 or PP10 Form)
Software licence price: 0euro
Training duration: 10 lectures х 90 minutes
Group: from 5 to 10 participants 
Final exam:
-       precondition for exam: at least 80% attendance in lectures;
-       repeating the exam: up to twice;
-       positive result: over 70% of points from the final exam;
-       time limitation: exam must be realized within three months after the last training lectures; 
-       type of exam: practical testing with spatial data.
Certificate: participants will receive certificates in English language, followed by a transcript of the training contents. At the request of the individual participants, certificate and transcript in Albanian and/or Macedonian languages are available without additional fees. Depending on the results of participant, there are two type of certificates: have passed exam and have not passed the exam. Condition for "not passed the exam certificate" is over 50% attendance in lectures.  
Training programme:  LEVEL 1,  LEVEL 2  &  LEVEL 3   (download the training program)
Transparency: List of all certificates according to their category, will be published and will be available in this web site. 
Right for participation: All private and legal persons, except those who have conflict of interest with trainers and the signatories of the certificates!